Frugal Friday and a Winner~

Hello my dear readers! I'm really excited about today's Frugal Friday because I'm going to start addressing some of those pesky problems you all shared with me with the other day. I'm actually thinking I might tackle some of these problems for you during the week as well, since many of you had deadlines in mind, and I'd like to offer solutions more quickly.

But for today's post I wanted to discuss refurbishing sofas.

One of my readers, Jen, had this to say about her sofa...

I have a few problems with my sofa that I hope you can help with. It is beige microfiber and even though they said that it would clean up easily, it really doesn't. I have 2 boys, one is 2 yrs old, the other is 4 so as you can imagine things get quite messy. My problem is that we can't afford a new sofa and the sofa is longer than a regular sofa (104" to be exact) so a slip cover doesn't work. The second problem with my sofa is that it has pillows at the back (3 of them) and they are not attached, but they are now shaped weird, it doesn't help that my kids like to climb on them constantly. I would like to somehow 'fix' my sofa for now until we can afford a new one so I can don't have anxiety everytime someone comes to my house.

Microfiber sofas are billed as the perfect fabric for busy households, but the truth is, they can be difficult to clean.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Use a drop or two of mild detergent that doesn't contain any bleach (dish soap or laundry detergent work well) with water. Scrub gently. You may have to repeat this process a couple of times.

  • If the stain is more stubborn you can try a drycleaning product although you should test this in an inconspicous spot on the sofa fabric first.

  • For smelly stains (like pet urine): blot the stain with a mixture of white vinegar and distilled water. Then sprinkle baking soda over the stain and after it is dry, vacuum it up.

  • If all else fails, hire a professional cleaning company to come and steam clean the sofa. DO NOT try to steam clean it yourself (this will likely cause more damage to the fabric.)

Image from Pottery Barn

For damaged couch cushions or pillows, the answer is fairly simple. Restuff them.

This may seam daunting, but is actually quite easy.
  • If the cushions have a zipper, simply remove the cushion, and inspect the foam. If the foam is in fairly good condition, you can reuse it - if not you will probably want to invest in some new foam which you can purchase at your local fabric store.
  • You will want to re-wrap the foam in Dacron (batting). This is easy to do as well. Buy some spray adhesive and dacron at your local fabric/craft store.
  • Remove the old Dacron from the cushion/pillow. Then spray one side with adhesive and spread the Dacron smoothly over the surface. Repeat on the other side. Wrap the ends like you would wrap a gift. Then replace the cushion into it's cover. You may wish to use some plastic to make this process easier.
  • If the cushion or pillow is sewn, I would suggest enlisting some one who is a fairly good with a sewing machine - if you are not - to help you unpick a seam. You can then follow the same steps as above to restuff the pillow (or you may wish to add fresh polyfil if that is how the pillow was originally stuffed). Then sew it shut again. I've had to do this with one of my chairs, and it was actually quite easy and has held up very well with use in my boys' bedroom.

I hope these ideas help you Jen! And any of my other readers who may be in a similar boat! Sofas are an expensive investment, so making them last is a priority!

Resources: Home Decorating Reviews Clean Your Mircrofiber How to Restuff Sofa Cushions

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Have a great weekend~


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Those are all wonderful ideas! With two toddlers, I only use slipcvered furniture, so I can throw the cover in the wash and bleach it. I can't imagine having a sofa that I couldn't wash like that. It would look terrible, quickly.

Barbara Matson said...

I had a yucky sofa and I made custom slipcovers (no pictures though- sofa no longer exists). If your reader can sew she can make a slipcover. Check out my post from this week where I made a fitted slipcover over a ugly 70's armchair. I made the slipcover pre-blogging days so no tutorial, but there are tons on the internet!

Love your blog by the way!

Michelle "Chaos Caretaker" said...

I have actually been thinking of stretching the life of my couch, by having the seat cushions recovered in a coordinating fabric. It is cheaper than having the whole couch recovered and my chenille cushions have places where the fabric is worn. I do like having attached cushions on the back of my couch...keeps the kids from scattering them all over the family room!

sfretwell said...

What wonderful suggestions! I also have a microfiber couch and the detergent and water works well. You're may have to do it several times.

Tiffany said...

Oh, thank you, Wendy! Such helpful tips. Our couch could definitely use some more stuffing to add some life back into it!

KimMalk said...

@Cheap Chic Home. I am not a big fan of microfiber..with little ones (and pets) you're almost better off to have leather.

Meredith said...

2 cents on the microfiber -I have had one for 8 years. I machine wash the cushion covers. Yup - I do. I have spot cleaned, only OK. I have had it professionally cleaned by Chem Dry. Hardly any better. I wasn't using the matching throw pillows that came with it so I tried washing one of the matching covers. Worked like a dream!!! That stuff is indestructible. I have a love hate relationship with it because it is so easy to clean. (It isn't my favorite look, hence the hate, but it looks better than most of my friends 8 year old sofas - including leather.)

Shell in your Pocket said...

Wow..I never thought about redoing or restuffing my pillows on my couch. They really need it and I may just try it!
sandy toe

Nicole said...

Great ideas! Can't wait to hear more solutions!

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

I have a leather couch in my living room that is a boring greyish beige color. It was a hand me down and is in really perfect shape, but the color is yucky. Do you have any good sources for slipcovers? Some of them are SO expensive. Thanks!

Jen Mitchell said...

Wow, I am so excited. Thanks for the great ideas, I will give them a try. I don't sew and my sofa is a T-cushion so that adds quite a bit of complication to the whole re-covering thing so I will use that as a last resort.

Thanks again.


Amber said...

Okay, I just want the room with all the windows in the photo.
Any ideas for making or affordable elegant and vintage inspired angel wings for my house and tree this Christmas?

Andi's English Attic said...

I don't have toddlers but my furniture still gets chocolate stains, ink, tea etc. Thank you for being so generous with your time and sharing these tips with us. xx

CAKE Creative Co. said...

i think you may have just motivated me to restuff my couch. it desperatly needs it and i've been putting it off.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good ideas for taking care of a couch...maybe the one in my basement could benefit...hmm....!

Also, I wanted to answer your question about my houndstooth fabric. It came from the furniture store where I bought my new chairs a few months ago. A Denver place, called Kacey Fine Furniture. Just wanted to let you know! :)

Have a great week Wendy!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good ideas for taking care of a couch...maybe the one in my basement could benefit...hmm....!

Also, I wanted to answer your question about my houndstooth fabric. It came from the furniture store where I bought my new chairs a few months ago. A Denver place, called Kacey Fine Furniture. Just wanted to let you know! :)

Have a great week Wendy!

Anonymous said...

I have a butter yellow microfiber oversized chair that my 2 year old decided to "paint" with a blue ink pen! I used the detergent/water solution and EVERYTHING came off!! You can't tell it ever happened. BTW, the pen is locked up now and the artist is limited to crayon.

Keri said...

Thanks for the wonderful tips. My thrift store couch is in dire need of some loving care. I just didn't know where to start.

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