Linky Love~

12:01 AM

Holy Cow!!! How many creative, frugal readers can one girl have??? There are 92 Frugal Friday Linky Party entries and counting! I'm plowing my way through all the frugal goodness slowly because my computer is in transit (and I live in the dark ages without a laptop) so I can only view them on the Hubby's blackberry or when I can find a computer that I can use!

Image from A Lovely Place to Land

But I vow to read and each and every one!! Everything I have seen so far is amazing!

Check out this fabulous $10 Anthro-inspired bathroom at A Lovely Place to Land. You all know I'm going to be making myself one of those fabulous wreaths!!

And lest you think I just have a bunch of reposts coming your're wrong. I actually did some new posts to keep you all visiting while I'm in transit!!

Have a great day~


Unknown said...

Where there is a will there is a way!
Happy Holidays

Amanda Griffith said...

I'm so flattered that you like my wreath! To be honest, I made it before you had posted your $5 Christmas tree and when I read about your star ornament I thought, "Why didn't you think of rolling the paper like that?!" Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home!

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