Displaying Kid Art~

10:44 PM
I have sort of an art theme going this week...first with the great Modern Bird Studios giveaway (you still have time to enter, by the way...just click here.) And now, I have some fabulous ideas to share for displaying kids' art. And something tomorrow for Frugal Friday as well - how's that for a teaser?

On to the kids' art...

I simply loved this idea that Janell from Isabella and Max Rooms used in one of her client's homes. The picture rail on the wainscotting in this dining room provides a resting spot for a whimsical display of children's art. (And the beauty of it is, that it can change whenever a new masterpiece is created!)

I also really love this idea from designer Jan Eleni. See that great big piece of art? It's actually composed of a bunch of little square reproductions of one child's art! You could easily recreate this look with your own child's (or children's) artwork...what a great way to display them all without crowding your refrigerator door! ;-)

A perfect summer project...go round up all that art your kids dragged home with them from created in school this year and create a sentimental keepsake that looks uber-stylish!

Frugal Friday goes up tonight at 11:59 EST. Get your frugal inspiration going, and I'll see you then!

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Have a great day~


Susie from Bienvenue said...

How neat! I have so many pieces of art that I have saved over the years....great ideas here~

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Decorating with children's art can't be beat, really! Thanks for including the client's example in this post!

KG said...

One idea I had was to get a clothesline. Kids artwork are always changing and every week they get to change the art that's being displayed. It makes them feel important and at the same time feel like they are contributing to your design.

Vanessa said...

The first idea for displaying art is light and whimsical, a very pleasing design that's sophisticated. Lovely blog, I'll be sure to follow so I can be inspired again!

Sarah said...

I love both of those options for displaying your child's art.

Kateka said...

Hello! I absolutely adore your blog. I use GOOGLE READER to stay up to date on the blogs I read, and with your blog the settings are set so that I can only view the first few sentences of each new blog post. Do you think you could change the settings so that the full post appears? If not, I totally understand. I'll still be viewing your blog when updated! Thanks for all you've shared with us!

Chelsey Hall said...

I love this--especially the first one. Can't wait to implement this at our house!


Chelsey Hall

Andi's English Attic said...

I once read that the best loved art is stuck on the doors of fridges everywhere. It's true. What a lovely post with great ideas. xx

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