The Big 1-0~

When I asked Mr. One what kind of a birthday party he wanted this year, his reply was immediate...a BBQ and night games. The perfect kind of party for a bunch of boys celebrating one of their own moving into the double digits. That's right folks...Mr. One now has an entire decade under his belt! He was my millenium baby...and now he's ten. When did that happen?

The party had to be one of the easiest I've ever planned...Mr. One wanted to be in charge of deciding exactly what games everyone would play...Keep Away, Capture the Flag, and some sort of battle game whose rules seemed extremely complicated to me.

He also wanted to light sparklers and throw pop-its (you know those little paper things that pop when you throw them at the to use...miserable to clean up afterwards.)
All I was in charge of was the food... and the decor of course.

The decor? Well, Mr. One was born on the 6th of July...which is mightly close to the 4th of July. So a red, white, and blue party seemed like the obvious logical choice.
We discovered (thanks to Mr. Three) that this little bench is a great chalkboard, so I took advantage of the fact to wish Mr. One a Happy Birthday!

It worked as the perfect gift depository.

And what do you feed a bunch of hungry boys? Hot dogs of course! With loads of chips. Soda - those mini-cans are the perfect size for growing boys...

The table was very unfussy...a little burlap for the, white, and blue baskets and paperware.

Mr. Three sneaking some potato chips before the party starts.

And smores for dessert - that's when the firepit we built this weekend came in handy. (And no, it's not really in the just looks that way in the photo.)

And just to add a bit to the sugar rush...let's top it all off with cupcakes and icecream. And my disclaimer of the day? With so much family in town lately, I just couldn't bring myself to make cupcakes. So I (dare I say it?) bought them. But they were unnaturally bright shades of red, white, and blue...and judging by how fast they disappeared, they must have tasted good.

Finally, I debated about what to give for party favors, but finally decided on these giant bubble wands I found at Wallyworld...I mean hey, they matched my color scheme. I was a bit worried that the boys wouldn't like them. But was I ever wrong. They were a hit!

All in all, a great initiation into the double digits for Mr. One. Happy Birthday to my firstborn! You are a riot!! I'm so glad you're ours!

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Have a great day~


RenaeF said...

What a fun birthday!

Mrs. S. said...

That sounds like a wonderfully easy birthday that was tons of fun! I'm sure he loved it!

KG said...

Sounds like quite a fantastic time and was decorated so simple - yet nice! You also never know what kids will end up liking so those bubble wands you thought weren't going to fly with them, ending up being a hit! Kids are unpredictable that way!

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

That sounds like a great the red, white and blue theme. I have found that kids love anything that they can slop around and make a mess with...bubble wands would definetly fit that bill. Kids are so great and never hard to please. Got to love them all over. Happy BD to No 1

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did such a great job on his birthday! Everything was just darling! I LOVE the cupcakes! Why make them when you can buy them that cute? You pulled everything together so well! Thank you for being such an inspiration! This is definitely on of my favorite posts!

Katie Olthoff said...

Looks like it was a great party!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

What a great the patriotic color theme and I still love those long thin bubble wands! Looks like a great time!


Life in Rehab said...

Excellent bash and you didn't miss a trick!

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