The Long-awaited, Much-anticipated, 5-year-old Pirate Party Extravaganza~

Mr. Two turned 5 last week! His birthday was on Thursday. Mr. One and the Princess often go to the local Farmer's Market with our next door neighbors on Thursday afternoon, and this week, seeing as it was their little bro's birthday, they came home with a special present for him...this uber-fabulous balloon birthday hat, and a mini-pumpkin. I thought it was so sweet of them to spend their meager funds on their little brother, that I just had to include this photo. (He was pretty excited as you can tell. )
Mr. Two has been asking for a Pirate Party ever since his Dinosaur Party ended last year. So I knew that I *HAD* to throw one for him despite the craziness that has been our life of late.

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time at all you probably know how much I love cupcakes. A birthday just isn't a birthday at our house without cupcakes! And check out these darling cupcake toppers! They were generously donated to me by Nina from Momma Go Round! She knew I had been dealing with a lot lately, and wanted to make my life a little easier. Boy did it ever!! She even personalized them with Mr. Two's photo and used the same font as I used on the invitations! You can get your own personalized cupcake toppers and invites at her etsy store!

To tie in with the paper hat theme from the invitations, I hung paper hats from our balcony. (Just a note...I am super embarassed by the state of the is in desperate need of a paint job...but we DO live in a rental, so it's not entirely my fault. )

This cute nautical bunting was borrowed from my sister-in-law who used it for her son's wedding dinner last year. I thought it would be the perfect addition to the festivities!

Before our little buccaneers could begin the festivities, they had to be *decked* out appropriately! I found these cute pirate costumes at the dollar store!

Once they were all in proper pirate garb, they headed out on a treasure hunt (you can see that the hats didn't really stay on...the swords on the other hand....) Mr. One and the Princess were their guides on their search for pirate loot!

The table outside held the cupcakes along with goodie boxes.

I created the goodie boxes with my Silhouette digital cutter and embellished them with more of the cupcake toppers!

I made the Jolly Roger flag out of a piece of poster board...and cut out the skull and crossbones with my Silhouette....couldn't have been any easier!
The party went off without a hitch. And the boys all loved it! That night as I was working at the computer, Mr. Two tip toed up and gave me a hug...and said with a perfect smile "Mom, Thanks for my Pirate Party!"
It simply does not get any better than that.


Cheryl said...

Looks like lots of fun was had and the pirate party was a hit.
how precious is your little one? I know you just melted when he came in and gave you a hug and thanked you. too sweet.
That pic of him with the ballon hat and mini pumpkin is priceless.

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

Awwwww suh-weet! I love the pirate theme. I've been trying to talk my kids into having a pirate party for a couple years now and they don't want to. :) Everything was really cute. Cute kiddos too!

Unknown said...

Did you know that yesterday was "Talk like a Pirate Day"? Arrrrr! ;-)

Adorable party ... Those cupcakes look delish!

Lindsay said...

It turned out great Wendy! YOU are amazing!

Amber said...

Aw, I bet that made the extra work in the midst of chaos totally worth it! It looks like it was a lot of fun and everything was super cute! Where did you get the file for the favor boxes that you cut on your silhouette?

Unknown said...

He is too cute !

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Even with all the stress in your life, you managed to pull off a fantastic party. Bravo!

I just posted about my son's carnival bday party as well. It's a great month for birthdays! Happy birthday to Mr Two!

I hope your hubby was feeling well enough to celebrate with you all. :)

Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

Oh my goodness! I love it! I just about swooned when I saw the bunting precious! Everything is just perfect. :) {Oh, and you should see my deck - and we DON'T live in a rental - eek!)

Laura said...

Great party! So cute, and when the birthday boy is happy, the momma is happy, right?

Taylor-Ann said...

Looks like a fun birthday event. Happy Birthday Mr. Two.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! I enjoyed sharing your son's big day via this blog. The balloon hat was fabulous! And all the decorations were perfect.
I'm old now, kids all grown up and grandkids growing up, too, so I can tell you from experience that your kids will remember these things and talk about them later on in life. They are well worth all the effort.

Anonymous said...

How adorably awesome!
Hope things continue to get better your way!

Sandy said... did something right up my alley...I am a children's entertainer and I get to be Pirate Polly frequently! I perform an interactive pirate show with the children, paint their faces and tie balloons.

It's always the best when they come up to me at the end of the party and hug me r-e-a-l tight and say..."Will you take me on your ship with you Pirate Polly, cuz I'm gonna miss you!"

Makes what I do all worth it!

Happy Birthday #Two!from Pirate Polly!

Lulu and Co. said...

Your pirate is soooo cute, I have a pirate sound asleep who would love a pirate party!!! You are so cleaver and throw the perfect party, its brilliant!!!!Sending birthday wishes you your Sweet son,

Unknown said...

The party seems great!!
All pirates find a treasure.


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