This Week's Ideabook on Houzz: Trend Watch - Sunburst Mirrors~

This week over at, I'm talking about Sunburst Mirrors...

As we head into the cooler and shorter days of autumn and winter, we can still bring a touch of summer into our decor. And what better way to do that than with a fun and unique accessory?

Sunburst mirrors are a perfect way to add a subtle reference to summer while staying on trend with what's "hot" in decor today. And yes, I am trying to be punny when I say that. But all joking aside, sunburst mirrors can be used equally well in all sorts of spaces from traditional to contemporary. They can look sophisticated or whimsical, retro-inspired or modern. Check out these examples, and then go grab yourself a pretty mirror and let the sun shine in!

Jennifer Brouwer Decor by Jennifer Inc  media room

This dramatic oversize mirror creates a statement when placed above a fireplace in this living room.

Decor by Jennifer Inc  living room

A retro-inspired sunburst mirror shines in a traditional space.

Black & White Master Bedroom with a Touch of Teal contemporary bedroom
room by Emily A. Clark

A sunburst mirror is perfect as a singular statement above a bed.

I hope you'll all come and join me over at Houzz. To read the complete post click here.


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

**Very cool!!** ;)Rachel

Peggy said...

I wonder how something like that would work above a TV between two bookcases. I'm not very good at imaging the final outcome in my mind's eye so I am just not sure... its a sloped ceiling which leaves a big empty blank space on the wall bringing the room lower which we definitely don't need (small house!!) Its a thought though. Okay... I'm going to do it. What do you think?

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

LOVE a sunburst mirror, recently did a DIY version and having a lot of fun seeing how people have made their own from the tutorial!

Unknown said...

I am so over the sunburst mirror! They are EVERYWHERE! t.i.m.e.o.u.t.

life with my sweeties said...

Love this!!!

LuLu said...

yep i'm loving the sunburst mirrors too....they make such a statement.

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