A Little Autumn Inspiration~

12:00 AM
I had planned on sharing another tutorial with you all today, but alas! The stomach bug that hit Mr. Three last week caught up with me yesterday and I was in bed all day. The hubby was trying to take care of the two little ones while the big kids were at school (they are invaluable helpers when they're home), which was quite a feat considering the fact that he is still hobbling around with a boot and crutches since his accident. Yesterday was not a pretty sight at our house.

But stomach bugs aside, I did have a few little bits of autumn inspiration left to share with you, and I figure this is a good time to do it. ;-)

First up, my fall mantle...

I aimed to go simple with the mantle, keeping my pale on pale scheme. I already had the white pumpkins up for Halloween, so I just added a little bit of pop with the "Keep Calm and Cranberry On" printable that I shared with you all for last week's Frugal Roundup...it's much more red in real life. I also added a paper leaf garland. Too simple to make with my Silhouette Digital Cutter. I just cut various leaf shapes in a few shades of brown and hung them on some twine. That's it. Couldn't be any easier. And since the Hubby is no longer in his lift chair, my living room doesn't look like a hospital room anymore, and that makes the mantle look all that much better. (Just a note for those new to my blog....we are living in a rental house...or I already would have done something with the stone on this mantle...instead I just work around it.)

Here is my autumn centerpiece.

I love flowers. I love to have live flowers in the house. So for autumn, I just made sure that whatever batch of flowers I purchased was orange. Then I just placed them in huge vintage canning jar with a couple of jack-be-littles, an autumn scented candle, and a bit of bling-y autumn garland. It sits on a burlap table runner. And the tablecloth? A painters' dropcloth. Excessively easy. But pretty.

Finally, what is more quintessentially autumn than a bowl full of crisp apples...gifted to us by our neighbors, straight off their tree. A pretty centerpiece for our kitchen island, even better to snack on. (When I don't have the stomach flu, that is.)

I hope to be back with my tutorial tomorrow.

Have a great day~


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*Love your decor!! Hope you feel better soon Wendy!! Hugs,Rachel~*

paige said...

looks perfect wendy!!
love the cranberry print :)

Laura said...

i love your autumn decor - so simple & warm!
hope you're feeling better soon!

Melissa said...

Ooooh. So not fun. Take care of yourself and I hope you all bounce back soon. It's hitting my brother's house there as well! I love your layering and the cranberry on :)

Laura @ LPC Interiors said...

Hope you feel better soon! Take some time to rest.

Taylor-Ann said...

your decorations are cute. Love it. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling good. Hope the bug doesn't stay long.

Jo said...

Lovely, lovely!

Get better soon ~ this is such a tough time of year.


Unknown said...

Oh, I hate that darn stomach bug. Renders me completely useless for 24 hours. I hope you're feeling better. Your mantel & fall decor look so lovely, Wendy. Hugs to you.


Audrey Pettit said...

Bummer about the stomach bug! Hope you're feeling better. And thanks for sharing your wonderful decor. I just love it.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

LURVE your mantel! it's perfection... I have just started reading your blog and I think it's wonderful!

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