Custom Art on the Cheap~

12:05 AM
Some of you may remember that at the request of my 7-year-old Princess, I have been adding brown into the decor of her bedroom.

I began by adding brown vinyl polkadots to one wall. (Yes, I will accessorize the dresser at some point...after Christmas...I hope.)

Then I created a pretty pleated pillow for her bed.

But I was slightly stumped as to how I was going to add brown to this shelf. (A small note: the dresser has been moved to the polka-dot wall, leaving a gaping "hole" under this shelf which I hope to remedy by finding the perfect chair. ahem. Now, back to the subject at hand...) So I put on my thinking cap.

And somewhere in my musings I hit on the idea of creating art out of the fabrics in the Princess' room. But, as always, there was a catch. And the catch in this case was the fact that I (as usual) didn't have much of a budget, and I didn't have much of any of the fabrics I used in the room left over.

The solution came during a trip to the dollar store. I saw some 8x10 natural wood frames. And some 2 for $1 white mattes. So I bought a few of each. Once I got them home, I spraypainted the frames white. Then I simply cut swatches of the fabric to fit the matte openings and taped them on the back with painter's tape. Popped the mattes in the frames and VOILA! Custom art. (Okay, you caught me, the brown polka-dot fabric was not used in the Princess' actually came from the little boys' room, but it was the perfect color, and the dots echo the dots on the wall...)

Now to figure out how best to finish accessorizing the shelf. But at least I have a good start...

And I had to throw in this photo of Mr. One and the Princess for no other reason than that I "heart" it entirely. I am insanely in love with my kiddos.

Have a great day~


A Vintage Vine said...

Such a good idea...I love your daughters dresser. I just finished up my daughter room redo...isn't it fun.

Lindsay said...

Your kids are adorable Wendy. Hope you are having a happy holidays :) HUGS

Lauren said...

totally adorable. well done!

Jules said...

Awesome idea! Can't beat the $ Store for decor on the cheap! You have such fabulous fabric ... looks so great! jules

Alison said...

The fabric pics are a great idea, but I am totally in love with the polka dots. In fact, that could be a project in the works for me I think, you've inspired me yet again xox

Missy said...

Aw, I never think of cool ideas like this! Well done!

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