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This post is sponsored by Novica.

Have you heard of Novica? It's a fabulous online marketplace that seeks to give artists and artisans throughout the world a global platform to share their talents. As a result, it gives us, as consumers, a wonderful opportunity to purchase truly unique gifts and decor items.

I was contacted by Novica several weeks ago about reviewing their site and their products. After visiting the site, which is associated with National Geographic, I was truly impressed not only by their dedication to their mission, but by the truly beautiful products that they had to offer.

As you may remember, I was looking for something unique to accessorize the coffee table in my living room. So I searched through Novica's home decor selection until I came across this beautiful centerpiece bowl handcarved by an artisan in the Andes. It was perfect.

And after placing my order, I was impressed by the fact that I got follow up emails telling me when the product shipped and the estimated time I would receive it, and then again with tracking information so that I could keep tabs on it.

It was packaged with a beautiful postcard from the Andes as well as information on the artisan that created it. Novica really succeeded in achieving their goal of helping their customers to know their artisans and to feel a connection to the "hands that created" the piece. I look at that pretty bowl sitting on my coffee table as a true piece of art, and I'm happy to know that it was created by hand, not whipped out by a machine.

Novica offers much more than just home decor (although I do have a fondness for home decor. LOL!) They have fabulous unique and corporate gifts, and eco-friendly gifts as well. So if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, I suggest you stop by their site and see what you can's definitely worth your time!

Legal Stuff: I was given free merchandise by Novica in exchange for this review, but the opinions expressed are mine.

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Crystal Crate said...

Loving your blog! I just started my own blog with my fantastic crystal and shell bottle art. I'd love it if you could stop by, and if you like them, follow! :) Off to read more! xoxo, The Crystal Crate.

Neeson Family said...

i couldn't find anything like this bowl on the site.........would consider it if the price is fair

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm intrigued about the site. Great bowl too. :)

Jenn Jantz said...

I L-0-V-E the bowl. can you pretty please post a link to go straight to it??

Missy said...

I am extremely impressed! I will be checking this place out.

LuLu said...

i must go have a look!!!

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