I Promised I'd Be Back Today~

3:47 PM
When I signed off from the last post jauntily saying "Be Back Tomorrow"  little did I know what "tomorrow" would bring.

After a lovely BBQ with our extended family, and what were quite possibly some of the most fabulous fireworks we've ever seen (booms so loud the kiddos had to cover their ears most of the time, but couldn't take their eyes off them)  the Hubby woke up in the middle of the night with an especially nasty tummy bug. 
So having had very little sleep last night, I woke bleary eyed this morning, to let the Satellite guy in at 8 am to set up the TV, and the Internet guy in at 10 am so that I could be online with y'all!  Between all the busy, the kiddos' getting-used-to-a-new-house shenanigans, and having to nurse the poor Hubby, I have no energy  left to post anything besides an apology.

And because Boy 1 turns 11 tomorrow, I might be a bit scarce then too...kiddos and parties come first, you know. ;-)  But I promise to return to full blog mode in the very near future. (let's all keep our fingers crossed that neither kiddos nor I end up with that nasty bug, shall we?)

In the meantime, here's a little bit of pretty to brighten your day.

via Citified



Unknown said...

birthdays and hubbies always come first! hoping you and the kiddos do not get the bug!

Laura said...

oh boy. everything happens at once, doesn't it? hope the hubby is better soon & no one else in your house gets it! enjoy #1's birthday!

Ava said...

Wendy , you did well to put up a post at all :) enjoy your sons birthday and don't even think about your blog for a whole day , it will all still be here when you return xx Ava

Cat said...

Wendy --- So sweet of you to blog and post that beautiful picture! Swoon. I think I could stay in that room forever!

Brenda's Blog said...

Wow, what a bright spot!!! I love it! Put your Nursing hat on, then put your party hat on, after you get done wearing all your hats...we'll have your blog hat for you!!! Hugs...

Unknown said...

I'm beyond amazed that you are blogging at all-you're a wonder!

Happy early birthday to your little guy.

Lindsay said...

Take care of your sweet family Wendy. We will ALL be here :) HUGS

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