Nestkeeping: Monthly Recap~

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to my monthly recap for July!  When I was going back through last month's posts to find my favorites so I could share them with you, it was obvious to me that I moved.  Not as much fun, inspirational-type stuff as there usually is on the old blog.  But I was buried in boxes, so that's to be expected, right? Right?

That said, there were a few posts that I thought were worth sharing with you again...

First, I talked about how each home has its own distinct personality and how the decor that works in one home won't necessarily work in another.  If you pay attention to your home, it will "tell" you all about's a little thing I like to call "House Speak".  Read the whole post here.

Next, I came up with a fun new feature that I hope to continue sharing with you on a monthly basis.  I call it "If This Outfit Were a Room".  I take fashion inspiration and use it to create a mood board for a room.  Check it out here.

Finally, I shared a quick way to create a lovely floral arrangement.  You can learn about it here.

So August is here.  I have a very long to-do list for our new place.  I am so excited about all the projects we're going to tackle around here...I can't wait to start sharing!  Hope you are looking forward to them too! ;-)


Unknown said...

I can't wait to see what you've dreamed-up for your new space.

Kasey said...

hey you! I guess i have not been by in a long time...but i love your header;-)
miss you.

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