Bedside Table Before and After: Making Progress on the Princess' Bedroom~

If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember me talking about the fact that we painted the Princess' bedroom last week.  Bye Bye purple, hello to a crisp, clean white.  (Can't show you that part just yet...but it's coming soon, I promise.)

In the meantime, we have also been busy painting her bedroom furniture.  You see, we're working on a very strict budget, and her bedroom furniture is darling, and in good shape.  So we decided to re-use it.  It just needed a little TLC...and a new color.

Here is a sneaky-peek photo I shared previously of the fabrics we have chosen for the Princess' room. 

The polka-dots were used on her window seat.  You can see that post here

The other print was used on her headboard (post to come.)  If you look closely at the headboard fabric, you'll notice that it has blue in it.  We loved the pretty cornflower blue, so we chose that as the color to liven up those tired pieces of furniture.

Cornflower Blue by Martha Stewart

Here is the bedside table before.  Pretty in white, but not what we needed for the new room design.

And here is the after...loving the color. But what to do about the missing handle?

You see, the original handle wasn't a standard size, and it has long since been lost (not to mention that it was quite dated to begin with.)  So my makeshift solution was using a ribbon in place of the handle.

For this makeover, however, I thought a little bling was in order, so instead of replacing the ribbon, I used an old bracelet of mine whose clasp had broken. 

The pretty crystals were just what the little table needed.  I just love the little bit of bling that they add. (Perfect for a Princess.) Not to mention that fact that I love finding a new use for sentimental jewelry I can't part with - even though I can't wear it anymore.

Have a nice day~


Unknown said...

Love the creative idea for the knob madeof beads! Cool!

Unknown said...

So sweet! I especially love the little Christmas tree for your kiddo will be stealing that idea tonight ;-)

Andrea said...

It is looking amazing! I can't wait to see that headboard-it looks fab, from what I can see. You've done so many room redo's lately between your other rental and this one-you must either be exhausted, or in decor heaven (or a bit of both?) =)

bnfunky said...

Great job!!!! Love what you have done with what you already have :)

Unknown said...

Very cute...and I love her Christmas tree:)

Jennifer said...

That color is so pretty!! I can tell it's going to look fantastic when you're finished!

Anonymous said...

What a great way to reuse your bracelet! I love the new color too :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful..I love the idea for the drawer pull..

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

oh, help me! i love yur headboard fabric...drooling buckets ovah here!!!

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