Birthday Ideas Revisited~

5:38 PM
About a week ago, I did a post with a bunch of fabulous ideas that I had gathered on Pinterest for fun things I could do to make the Princess' 9th birthday special since this year is a family birthday party year (as opposed to a big friend party year).  

Of course, I made sure we followed all of our usual birthday traditions - like a balloon chandelier at the dining table, a special birthday breakfast, and our "today's your special day" plate -  but I thought it would be fun to throw in a few more.

Aren't the pink polka-dot balloons adorable??  Found them at Hobby Lobby!

Well, as is often the case, my ideas are grander than my time will allow, so I was really only able to incorporate one new idea into the mix.  But it's a fun one.

I created a few paper medallions to decorate the Princess' bedroom door.  When she woke in the morning she was greeted with these.

And the bonus is that they make a great background for a birthday photo.

They're really easy to I'm going to show you all how.  Look for a tutorial coming soon!



Casey Martinez said...

Love those paper fans!! Darling decor and happy birthday to your sweet one!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Very cute site! I'm glad I found it and those wonderful paper medallions. Can't wait for the tutorial. New Follower...


Unknown said...

So cute! Now that small one is well, less small, we can start some of these traditions.

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