Inspiration Moodboard for my Living Room~

I've talked a couple of times already about the fact that we're playing  musical rooms here at our house.   That is, the TV etc. is moving from the loft into the living room, and my office is moving into the loft space where the TV has been.  Etc. etc.  So I have a lot of fun stuff coming your way.

Everything is the planning stages at this point however.  So I hope you can be patient with me for a little bit as we finish up all the planning and get to the best part...the projects!!

In the mean time,  as part of all this planning, I have created a moodboard for the living room.

Here is the living room as it currently looks.  I love it!  But, it's not really functional for having as the main family living space (TV, wii, etc.).   

The things I don't want to change:
  • the walls (I worked hard on that accent wall...and I love the charcoal gray gallery wall)
  • the window treatments
  • the coffee table
  Things we hope to change:
  • the sofa - we want a sectional for more seating (four kids + two parents + movie night = lots of people lounging on a sofa) 
  • additional seating - we love the chairs we have, but they're not TV-watching-comfortable-chairs, and I already have plans for them anyway.
  • the rug - I love the rug as well, but I want to lighten up the space as we head into the summer months, so my pretty black rug is going to go into storage for a bit.
So here's the plan...

  • We want to get a slipcovered sectional....we're thinking the IKEA Ektorp is a good choice. We love the beige slipcover.
  • We want to find a couple of "cushy" chairs to replace the ones we currently have.
  • I'm thinking a soft blue would be a great choice to lighten up the space and would work well with the gray wall and the accent wall, so I'd like to get a blue rug and accent pillows with blue in them.
  • I like the idea of a mirrored console for the TV because I feel like the room lacks natural light, and the mirrors would reflect the light from the windows and brighten up the space.
So that's the plan.  For now at least.  I'm sure looking forward to switching it up...can't wait to get going...hope you'll all join me for the fun!


Ange said...

Oh, looking forward to the changes! I just finished playing musical furniture at my house too. A mirrored console would be fabulous with some cushy chairs!

amber wallace said...

How exciting! I love the mirrored piece so much, I've been wanting it but have nowhere to put it. Have fun putting it all together!

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Love the board! We are also in the market for a sectional for our living room!

laxsupermom said...

Pretty moodboard! Looking forward to seeing the changes put to action. That mirrored console will really brighten up the space. Thanks for sharing.

Lori C said...

I love the blue chair! Looks very comfy. Not to sure about the mirrored console if the TV is going to be on it....might be distrating while viewing...just a thought. I'd have to see it in person first to make up my mind :) TFS..look forward to seeing what you do!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas for the changes and I love that accent wall. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

I could go for that cushy blue chair too C:

Amy Fountain said...

I love your photo wall arrangement, even the wall colors look great!

Amy Fountain said...

I love your photo wall arrangement, even the wall colors look great!

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