Reminiscing About Our First Place~

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Today, though, I wanted to share with you some reminiscences about my first apartment with the hubby. 

 I look back on the place fondly because it was our first space was not, however, a pretty space.  It was a basement apartment.  The walls were cinderblock...with the exception of the wall just inside the front door which was covered with 70's-era mirrored tiles.  It did have 2 bedrooms, and a good sized kitchen.  However, in the living room, which was awkwardly shaped, there was a set of stairs which actually led up to the main floor.  It was "unique" to say the least.  I sure wish I had some photos to share with you...but it was before the days of digital cameras, and I'm afraid the photos I have are packed in a box somewhere in my garage, so you'll have to use your imagination.

But it was affordable - which I believe was our selling point on the place...because heaven knows we didn't rent it based on it's aesthetic values.  Lol!  I had graduated from college, but the hubby was still a student, so our budget was tight.  We knew that we should only spend about 1/3 of our pre-tax income on that kind of limited us as to the luxury factor of the place. ;-)


I did my best to make the space attractive and cozy.  Decorating is in my I just couldn't leave the place the way it was.  The first thing on my agenda was hiding the mirrored wall.  To do so, I used a pretty throw that I tacked right to the wall....which happened to fit perfectly over the mirrors.  (It was 1996 - let me just share that before I tell you any more about my decor choices. Ha!)   I also had to find a way to decorate those cinderblock walls.  Luckily, the landlords didn't mind if we put a few strategic holes into the masonry, so we did just that, and I used some of the floral arches from our wedding (again 1996, remember?) to bring some color and dimension into the space.  Luckily, the hubby's father is an artist, and we were gifted some of his paintings for our wedding, which made chic wall decor for us as newlyweds.


When it came to furnishing the place, we didn't have a huge budget, so we had to be a bit creative.  Since neither one of us had a sofa when we got married, we had to buy one.  We went to a warehouse store for one of the big furniture retailers in the area and bought a great sofa that was hugely discounted because of a tiny flaw that was barely noticeable.  And we used some industrial looking shelving from Home Depot and created an entertainment center with it.  With some creative accessorizing, the apartment ended up looking very cute despite the flaws of the space.

Yes, our first apartment makes me laugh just a little when I think back on it, but it also brings back fond memories of our first space as a couple.  We sure got off to a good start there. :-)

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Unknown said...

I cringe to think about what ours first looked like and its many incarnations since but we've reminded happy and there's always treats C:

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