Fun Finds and a Bit of Office Progress~

Hello Lovelies!

I just realized today that I had never shared a couple of fun new things around the house....including the fact that I'm actually getting started on my office. So for today's post, I'm finally going to share!

We're really lucky here in Utah because we have an Outlet (and no, I'm not being paid to tell you about this...I just want to share.)  I paid a visit there several weeks ago, and found some great stuff - for suuuuuper cheap.

We have had white tolix-style chairs at our kitchen table for about a year.  Here's how it looked (can you see them peeking up over the far side of the table? It's the only photo I have) ...

I liked the look very much, but have wanted to pick up some that have more of a bare metal finish to mix up the look a bit.  Trouble was, those chairs can be very expensive and I just couldn't justify it.

But then at the outlet, sitting in a back corner, there was a set of 4 tolix-style metal chairs.  And get this...for the ENTIRE set they were asking $36.  No, I didn't leave a "0" off the end of that.  They were asking $36 - that's $9 per chair.  Seriously. 

So now, we have 4 of these babies sitting around the kitchen table.  And I love them!  The look is exactly what I was going for, and they are a bit smaller scale than the white ones which fits better in the room.  The white chairs are now happily making their home on our back patio (which I will share with you in the next couple of weeks.)

My other exciting Outlet purchase was this little dining table.  $17 kids.  In my inspiration board post about my home office, I think I mentioned that we were going to build a desk.  But, when I saw this little dining table (and yes, it had a crack but that was easily fixed) I just knew that it was the perfect solution.  The top wasn't actually white (yet)...that's just the reflection fo the sky.

I couldn't have purchased the supplies to make the desk for $17.  And even with the cost of paint - because I wanted a white desk - I was still only in to the entire project $25.  That's a steal!!  So here is a sneaky peek of the desk all painted white in my office area.  I'm so excited!!

So if you are a Utah local and happen to find yourself in Sandy, you should really make a stop at the warehouse (around 84th south and 1300 East).  You  never know what deals you might find.  Seriously. 



Unknown said...

Criminy! That might just be worth a trip to Utah C:

Unknown said...

love your new desk and that chair is fabulous!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the room.

Ally said...

I am your newest follower! Love your blog! Come stop by mine and let me know what you think!



Donna Wilkes said...

That chair is super sexy! I cannot believe that Overstock has an overstock place! Deal on the desk - you're right - you could not have bought the supplies for that!

Distressed Donna Down Home

Kaffeslabberas said...

I LOVE your blog!
Have been snooping around for half an hour, and found so much inspiration!
I´m definitely adding you to my blogroll, you wonderful you!

Hugs from Norway!

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