Tips to Help Your Summer Guests Feel at Home~

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Many people spend their summers hosting house guest after house guest.  And working to make those guests feel comfortable is important to those who have guests on a regular basis.  Here are a few good ideas for helping your guest enjoy their stay,

1. A Stack of Clean Towels is a Nice Touch.  Nothing will make your guests feel more like they are at a bed and breakfast than fresh lean towels.   Your guests will know you thought of them with both clean towels and a key to the front door!  Adding a little personal touch, like this monogrammed letter will take the thoughtful gesture a step further.

2. Help Them Feel Like Part of The Family.  Make sure guests know they are not tied to your time schedule.  They will definitely appreciate the ability to come and go as they please.  Remember that key tied to the clean towels?  That will assure that they feel like part of the family.

3.  Make Sure They Don't Have to Live Out of  A Suitcase.   Adding an empty dresser to a guest space will give your guests a place to put their things.  If you can't fit a dresser in the space,  try cleaning out a little space in the closet.  If they have a spot to put their things, they'll feel more at home.

4. Leave Them Some Comfort Items.  Make sure your guests are well taken care of by leaving them things they might need like tissues, aspirin, a nail file, lotion.  A few goodies like these will certainly make their stay more comfortable.

5. Show Them Where to Have Fun.  If your guests have never been in your neck of the woods before, you might consider sharing your favorite local restaurants, shops, museums and other great locals-only hangouts!

6. A TV Is Always A Nice Idea.  If possible, consider adding a TV to your guest space.  If a sudden case of insomnia should strike one of your guests, they can always catch some late night TV.

Later this month I'm going to share a few of my favorite local fun spots with you (the same ones I'd tell my guests about.)  So stay tuned for that fun post!

These easy-to-implement tips will really help your guests feel loved and appreciated!  Just a warning, though...if you are this hospitable, they might never want to leave.  ;-)

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