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My boys have some new favorite toys!
We recently had the chance to try out these great new toys from Vtech...the Switch & Go Dinos!  My boys could not have been more excited when the package arrived.  The Switch & Go Dinos are like two toys in one because they can transform from a dinosaur to a car and back again.  The transformation is really easy...even my littlest one could do it without any problem!

Just look at their faces!  They were so into these toys!
Each dino has an LCD screen that switches from a driver while in car mode, to eyes while in dino mode.  And each has great sound effects that go along with the mode the toy is in at the time.  There are a couple of buttons that the boys can push to cause the sound effects and while the toy is in dino mode, it shares facts about dinosaurs - there are 30 different facts - and they're fun and interesting.  I love it when my boys can both have fun and learn something at the same time.  And  these toys let them do that without forcing the educational part on the boys - they were just playing and having a great time!
We got two Switch & Go Dinos to try out:
SwitchAndGo Sliver  Silver the T Rex and
SwitchAndGo Horns  Horns the Triceratops.
My boys loved them both...and they really like tranforming them half-way and having a half-dino/half-car.  (I admit, I kind of liked that too. Ha!)
If you'd like to purchase some of these fun toys for your little guys, the four starter dinos: Silver the T Rex, Horns the Triceratops, T-Don the Pteranodon and Tonn the Stegosaurus are all available on Amazon right now. Buy today on Amazon  for a suggested retail price of $15.99.  They will also be available on VTechKids.com beginning June 18, and the starter dinos plus three more will be at major retailers this fall.
My boys didn't seem to prefer one dino over the other - I kind of like Horns the Triceratops myself.  What about you, dear reader?  Which Switch & Go Dino is your favorite?

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