How To Create A Custom Cell Phone Case~

I've been in love with all of the cute, trendy cell phone cases I've been seeing online.  Here's the problem...they're pretty much all meant for iPhones. What about those of us who still use droids??  Well, I have have a solution...

I saw this idea ages ago...long before I had a Pinterest I honestly don't remember where the idea came from...but here's my version of a tutorial for you.

1. Purchase a clear, hard plastic cell phone case for your particular brand of phone.  (They are really easy to find online and I think I paid a whopping $3.00 for mine.)

2. Trace the back half of the cover onto paper to create a template and cut it out using an xacto.  You definitely do not want to skip this step, because you have to tweak and re-tweak this template so that you get all of the openings just right, and so that it fits well inside the back cover or else it wont snap back together correctly. (Please forgive this terrible photo...didn't realize how bad it was until I was trying to edit it...sheesh.)

3. Take your template and trace it onto a patterned paper of your choice. Then cut the shape out with an xacto. (Make sure that the pattern will face out when you put it into the case.)

4. Place the paper in the case and mold it to fit the shape of the case, then put your phone in, and snap the case together.  Easy Peasy!!

VOILA, a custom cell phone case...that can be changed out on a whim!!

Have fun with this one kids!!



Anonymous said...

What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing! This definitely makes even the ugliest phone have attractive qualities!

I've got a new blog I've just started! I'd love some new followers - if you don't mind taking a peek! Thanks!

Lisa and Joey @ Paintbrush and Screwdriver said...

Great idea! I have an older i-Phone, and it's difficult to find something that will fit. I already have the clear snap on case - I'm a step ahead for once :)

Thanks Wendy!!

Pretty Home Threads said...

I love this tutorial. For some reason the droid phone I have (a Rhyme) doesn't have a combatable plastic case. Now if I could just figure out how to make a case that offers some protection, but is still easy to access ... if I do, I'll post a blog with a tutorial and let you know :-)

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Love this tutorial! I got a phone cover with a clear back just for something like this, but never got around to doing it. Ha!

Unknown said...

Awesome idea! I have tons of scrapbooking paper! I think I am going to have to try this! How fun to change it out all you want with almost zero cost!

Ami said...

So doing this when I get my iPhone! Can't wait!!!

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Brilliant idea! I already have a case like that on my phone...just need to add some pretty paper. :) thanks!

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