Loft Bedroom for a Tween~

My three boys share a bedroom.  It has worked so far, but now that my oldest has started Jr. High school, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for him to share with his two little brothers.  The poor kid really needs a space of his own.  So what's a mom to do?  In this case, I am considering giving up my loft office space and turning it into a bedroom for Boy #1.  I'm campaigning for mom-of-the-year.  Not really, but sometimes a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Now, it all comes down to logistics.  I'm trying to figure out just how to work it out so that the compact space can actually function as a bedroom for him.  I have been toying with the idea of a built-in bed with underbed storage drawers for his clothes to eliminate the need for a dresser...because he will definitely need storage for  more important things  - like legos. ;-)

With that in mind, I have been perusing Pinterest for inspiration, and today I wanted to share a few of the images I've found with you....hold on to your hats kids...

I love this cozy little nook with curtains to close it off.  Doesn't it make you want to curl up?

This room is definitely too juvenile for Boy#1, but I just love the idea of the curtains around that bed.

I have a plan on how I'm going to incorporate some old weathered wood into the design.  Doesn't it just scream boy??

Love this cozy little space! 

And I adore these built-in bunks!  Perfection.

A lot to think about and plan.  But first, I think I better finish the laundry room makeover I told you all about the other day.  Focus, Wendy,  focus.  Design ADD at its finest.   Ha!



Cresta said...

I fear I'll soon be in the same position! My four oldest boys share a room now, ranging in age from 8 to almost 3. We frequently joke that we need to build a house with a dorm room for all the boys! lol

Unknown said...

Really great ideas! I don't have kids, but I remember from years of sharing a room with my sister, that anything that made it feel like we each had some privacy was very much appreciated.

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Kids sharing rooms gets tough as they good older! This is definitely a good idea! Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I love the idea of built in bunks, until I start to think about changing the sheets!

Great selection of images, Wendy!

Kathryn J Cain said...

I had cousins, and their was 5 boys and 3 girls...the boys had the big room....what I remember was fun lots of fun.....the idea of a built in bunk with a desk underneath is so cool, and curtain would be so cool

You would be the awarded the top Mom

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