The Sisterhood of the Charm Jewelry Makers~

2:10 AM
My sister has been here visiting from her home in the desert-regions of Southern California.

A photo that the hubby took of Holly and I during an Anthro-inspired photo shoot two years ago.

As is often the case when my sister comes to visit, we spent a lot of time together.  We had long heart-to-heart chats, we went out to eat (a lot), we stayed up late, we shopped, we did our nails, and we created crafty-craft stuff together.

On our crafty agenda for this year....charms.  Holly noticed a monogram charm that I was wearing one day and asked me where I had purchased it.  I told her and then casually mentioned that I was looking for some different sorts of charms to add to the necklace.

She suggested that we make some.  So off we went to Hobby Lobby to find beads and baubles with which we could create fabulous-o charms to add to my necklace (and her charm bracelet). 

In truth, Holly really was the one that knew what she was doing.  We bought jewelry wire, some latch-type hooks, beads and what-nots and were able to create some lovely charms that we then added to our respective jewelry pieces.

Here is Holly expertly manipulating the wire to create one of our charms.

And here is my necklace all decked out with the charms we made.  (There are only two charms on the necklace that were purchased as is...the monogram "w" and the bird.)  The rest were our creations!

There's something to be said for the bonding that takes place over a creative endeavor.  I really think that allowing the creative juices to flow makes for more meaningful moments spent with those we love.  

So my suggestion for the day is to take a moment to create a piece of art/project/craft with someone close to you and see how the lines of communication open up when you're having a good time being creative!

Have a great day!



marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

I was totally admiring your guys' cute charms at Ikea! I love that it was a fun sister bonding time.

rae gun ramblings

The Cranky said...

Lovely! Beautifully done and so much more meaningful for having done with with your sister. =)

Mimi said...

Such a wonderful blog ~ thanks !!!

lindaharre said...

Love it!!!!!! My sis and I have been doing that together "thing" for many years now....and you are right! It really makes for a strong bond:D We sew, craft, paint, garden and cook together! Nothin like sister love:)

kt said...

This brought a tear to my eye. I will have my girls do this before school starts.

Holly said...

I just got home and I MISS YOU, and this made me cry! Thank You for documenting one of our fun memories. This post is another charm for me,... a keepsake. :):)

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