Last Minute Halloween Craft: Paint Chip & Washi Tape Candy Corn Garland~

1:00 AM
Nothing like putting things off until the last minute. I picked up these paint chips for.ev.ah ago because the colors reminded me of candy corn, and I got this *brilliant* idea that they would make a fun garland.  I found them again a couple of days ago, and hurried to make this cute little garland to share with you all.  I figure it's better late than never.  And if you like it, you can always file the idea away for next year, am I right?

All I did to create this little cutie, was cut the paint chips into the shape of candy corn, and then attach them to one another using orange stripe-y washi tape.

In order to keep the tape from sticking to the wall - or wherever else you might want to hang something like this - here's what I did:  I used two strips of tape between each paint-chip-candy-corn with their sticky sides facing one another. 

Then on either end, I left the top piece of tape longer than the bottom one, so that I had a little bit of sticky to attach the garland to the chalkboard.  So simple! 

Now our chalkboard is all dressed up for Halloween (right on time, I might add.) ;-)

Happy Halloween!



Peggy Lee said...

Oh my goodness you are SO creative! That is such a cool idea.

Unknown said...
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