Updating Vintage Deer Antlers~

Today I'm sharing another treasure I received from my parents - a set of vintage deer antlers!

I was so excited to get these from them, but I wasn't jazzed with the way they were mounted. The highly varnished wood plaque and the red velvet just wasn't cutting it for me. So I decided to give the whole thing a bit of a facelift. I started by sanding and painting over the plaque with a coat of creamy white paint.

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Since I couldn't remove the antlers from the plaque, I simply used a small paint brush and was very careful as I painted so that I wouldn't accidentally paint the antlers. Luckily, I have a pretty steady hand. :-)

The red velvet was not only unattractive, but it was poorly attached. There were ripples in the fabric and visible hot glue around the edges. So I decided to recover it with a pretty pale blue herringbone fabric remnant that I picked up at a design house sale last year for a screaming deal. (I highly suggest buying fabric that you love when you see it because you might not be able to find it again and you'll almost always find a use for it later - or you can always resell it. Just my two cents.)

I also found that I couldn't remove the red velvet, so I simply hot glued the herringbone fabric over the top. But then there was the little issue of the visible hot glue. So I added some jute twine that I had hanging around to cover the edges. It lent a bit of rustic charm to the rather formal herringbone and was the perfect touch.

I love how it turned out!

Since Boy #1 has moved into his own loft bedroom, I've been making changes to the little boys' room. I've moved around the furniture, and the "B Wall" is no longer over the green dresser, so the antlers have found a home there. The boys think they are "super cool". :-)

And speaking of Boy #1's loft bedroom...I'm almost finished, so I hope to share it with you VERY soon!  



Jenna said...

LOVE these antlers! You did an awesome job refurbing them! I have a set that I mounted myself (not a pro, by any means), but now I want to use the fabric over the skull part of the antlers or whatever it is!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Jenna @ rainonatinroof.com

Kathryn J Cain said...

funny I Want to do something to the two sets that hang in my house...great idea KUDUS TO YOU

reFresh reStyle said...

Awesome idea! Love these :)

Unknown said...

I am in love with antlers. Love love love. I grew up with them in my house. Have you heard of the yarn bombed antlers? I died when I saw them - I am obsessed. And I'm sad that I don't live at home anymore - my dad probably has a bajillion antlers just lying aroudn the house! I neeeeed one to do a project like that!

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