DIY Valentine's Pallet Sign~

I was in a Valentine-y mood this weekend, so I decided to create a great BIG Valentine sign for my family.  What does one use to create a great BIG Valentine sign?   Well, in my case I decided to repurpose a pallet.

The pallet used to be art in the boys' bedroom with a cardboard deer head hanging on it.  But when I updated the antlers I received from my mom, they ended up in the boys' room.  And even though I thought the cardboard deer was adorable, two deer-related art pieces in that one room was a bit much for me.  So down came the pallet...and now it's a fun Valentine sign.

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Here's how I did it...

1.  I printed up the words I wanted to use on the sign in a very large font (Stencil in size 300 for you font-junkies out there).

2. I cut the letters out with an X-acto to create a stencil.

3.  I tried the words in different places on the pallet until I found a layout that looked right to me.

4.  I traced the words onto the pallet with a white colored pencil.

 5.  I hand-painted the words (being careful to stay inside the lines - Lol!)

The great thing about creating this sign on old pallet wood is that I didn't have to paint it perfectly because I was going for a rustic look.  Hooray for imperfections!

I placed it on the buffet in our dining room with my ombre Valentine button hearts right in front, and it created a fun little Valentine vignette in unexpected shades of brown and cream.

Have a great day!


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lynn cockrell said...

Your Valentine sign is so rustically awesome. How smart you are to use the pallet wood! If you read my blog you will know that I am a big believer in using found objects and re-using and re-purposing new and old items. Great work!

Jenny Lynn said...

It looks great!

Denise Greenwood said...

Ok I have to say I am usually pretty traditional when it comes to holiday colors but this is gorgeous!! And those them!

My Garden Diaries said...

I like this a lot!! It is unique and rustic! Fantastic work lady!

Cynthia said...

This turned out great! I like the flower too.


Rachel said...

I love the little button hearts and those cute flowers too.

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