How I Made My Own Business Cards~

SNAP! is coming up next week.   I just love blog conferences!!  And one of my favorite parts about attending a blog conference is getting to meet and network with fellow bloggers.  One of the most important parts of networking is having a business card that reflects the look and feel of your blog.  It's how you introduce yourself, and having it look just right is key.  It's call branding, y'all.  ;-)

So, I have been thinking about the fact that I really didn't like the business cards I had at last year's conferences.  But I had a LOT of them left, and I couldn't justify to myself the expense of purchasing more when I had a perfectly good set of cards. 

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That's when I hit upon an idea.  What if I designed and printed up my own cards?  The expense would be minimal because I could print just what I needed.  And then, I could justify getting new cards even though I didn't *really* need them. :-)

Now, I could have used a fancy-schmancy program like Photoshop.  I do have it on my computer, after all.  But I opted to use an easier (for me) route to create my new cards.  PicMonkey.  Yep. 

Here's what I came up with...

1. I started by saving a blank "photo" to my computer.  I simply went into my "Paint" program, cropped an empty screen to a reasonable size, and saved it as a JPEG into my photos making sure that I named it "Blank Page" so I would remember what it was.

2. Then I just uploaded my "Blank Page" to PicMonkey and edited it just like I would edit a photo.  I used geometric overlays to create the stripes and some of the sticker art to create the bird.  Then I added my info using the text tool.

That's it!

It was so easy, it only took a few minutes.

3. Then I simply printed them out onto cardstock (I wanted them to be square, so I opted to print them out to wallet size, and made sure that I didn't fit the picture to the frame). Then I cut them to size using my paper cutter.

VOILA!  Custom business cards on the cheap!

Can't wait to hand them out at SNAP next week.   Will you be there?


HI! I'm Tabitha said...

I had no idea there was such a thing? i must be in a blogging hole...ur cards are darling

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

That's awesome! I need to make some business cards myself one of these days!

Gayle said...

Cute cards, i will have to follow your directions when I run out of the ones I already have (because I'm too frugal to throw them out).

I just saw you on KSL 5, so I came online to check out your blog. I agree with your comments about bloggers here in Utah.

Am loving yours already.


Unknown said...

designing business cards is not so easy but here is a lot of people who made it easy and simple.

ali naqvi said...

This is really amazing post, business cards are going stunning!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!! I've been trying to figure out how people make cool non-photo things with PicMonkey! Thanks for spilling the secret :) I love the bird accent you added!

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