Fun Christmas Decor: Sequin Reindeer~

5:00 AM
This cute little Christmas project combines three of my favorite, sequins, and deer.  It's super easy...and just plain adorable.

Find out how to make this cute little reindeer after the break...

Here's what you'll need:

Wooden reindeer head (I found mine at Michael's craft)
Gold craft paint
Cream craft paint
Paint brush
Gold sequins
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

What you'll do:

Start by painting the deer head with the cream paint, and the antlers with the gold paint

Once the deer head has dried, use the hot glue to glue the sequins to the antlers - use tiny dots of glue as the hot glue can actually melt the sequins

Group the sequins closer together at the base, and spread them out as you move toward the ends of the antlers then attach one sequin as a nose

That's it!  Enjoy your sparkly, sequin reindeer!

Have a great day~

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Okio B Designs said...

So adorable! Thanks for sharing the DIY!


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