I am Writing a Book~

Do you have a bucket list?  I do.  Some of the items on my list are pretty far out there, and I don't know if I'll every get to actually cross them off.  And truthfully, this particular item was one of those that I thought might be out of my reach...but it turns out that I have been given the opportunity to check off one of the most important items on my bucket list.  And I couldn't be more excited!! 

And because my blogging friends/readers are one of the biggest reasons I have been given this amazing chance, I wanted to share the news with all of you...


This has seriously been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  I can't remember a time when I didn't want to write a book.  So when I say I couldn't be more excited, I'm not exaggerating. 

I received my book offer a few months ago, and have been working feverishly ever since.  And I am absolutely thrilled with what is developing!

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Along with my photographer-extraordinaire, Megan Hobson - more about her coming up on the blog soon -  we've been capturing images of some incredible homes to feature in the book.  (You're going to love them!  We're talking serious eye-candy people!)
My home office - where the writing happens :-)

If you follow me on Instagram, you can catch some sneak peeks of some of the houses and people we've been working with (there are some bloggers you know and love whose homes will be in the book - as well as some very talented designers who ought to blog but don't...Lol!).  So make sure and follow me to see the behind-the-scenes fun.

A sneak peek from our photo shoot at Shelley's (House of Smith's) home

For the next few months, I'll post here and there about the progress of this monumental event - it's monumental for me anyway.  And when the release date gets closer I've got some fun stuff planned.

2014 promises to be a year with a lot of changes and adventures coming my way.  I don't mean to sound cryptic, I promise to share them with you when the time is right.  But let's just say I'm excited/scared/elated/sad/nervous and a myriad of other emotions that I can't put into words all at the same time. 

So here's to checking off bucket list items in 2014.  Here's to sharing one of my favorite things - beautiful homes - with all of you in my upcoming book.  And here's to my readers for making this opportunity to possible! 

Thank you for continuing to come and read my little old blog.  I can never express my gratitude enough!



Artsy VaVa said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting!

Marie said...

congrats and well wishes!
Marie @
In Our Happy Place

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Good for you and I can't wait for it..I Love your site and I'am sure the Book will be a must have....:)

lynn cockrell said...

How very exciting! Congratulations and wishes for much success.

Patti-Ann said...

Congratulations. I day-dream about writing a book. I even have the cover figured out but never thought to move it to the bucket list. Wow! Looking forward to the sneak peaks!

Lo @ a LO and behold life said...

very exciting news!

Nataša said...

It is nice news! I have a dream for my poetry book, but...

I am waiting for your book an sent best wishes and positive energy to you. It is dificult job, but not impossible.

Hugs from Serbia

Anonymous said...


Six Figures Under said...

Wow! That is wonderful! Congratulations!

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