Meet Megan~

Hello Lovelies!

I'm so excited to introduce you to an amazingly, insanely, unbelievably talented photographer today.

I snapped this photo of Megan with my iPhone while she was photographing for the book.

Remember when I told you that I'm writing a book?  Well, what decorating book would be complete without beautiful photography?  Lucky for me, I get to have Megan of Megan Hobson Photography as the photographer for my book!

This is the entry hall light in the Parade Home.  I love the composition of this photo.  Megan has a great eye!
I was introduced to Megan through our mutual friend (remember my friend Kara whose house I decorated for the Parade of Homes?)  Well, when I told Kara that I was looking for someone to photograph the Parade house, she recommended Megan.    And how lucky I am that she did.

Read *and see more beautiful photos* after the break....

Megan's Travel Series is stunning!

Megan is a fine art photographer, and her background in fine art gives her an amazing eye for shape and color. You can find her beautiful fine art photography on her site...and lucky for us, she sells her prints.   She did a fabulous job photographing the Parade house, so when this book opportunity came my way, I immediately thought of her!

As much as I love all of Megan's photos...her chair series is my favorite!

I'm so grateful she agreed to photograph my book.  Her incredible talent will truly make my book unforgettable.

This photo is simply amazing.   The shapes and colors are fabulous!

You can check out her work on her website....or follow her on Instagram.  I can't wait for you to see the amazing job she's doing on the book!

Have a great day~

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