Sister Time~

12:28 AM
See this lovely lady?  Not me.  The other one.  Ha!  

That's my sister...and my best friend...Holly.

She has a milestone birthday next week.  I'm not going to say which one, just because best friends don't post one another's ages on the internet for the world to see.  At least not without permission. ;-)

For her BIG birthday, she decided to come and spend a few days with little ole me.

Weren't we sooo cute?   We're 3 and 4 here.  I think.
Holly's the one with the curly hair and crinkle-nose smile.

I can't tell you how SUPER EXCITED I am.  I mean seriously.  Like can't-sleep type excited!

I've got a few fun things planned.  I'll share them all with you after I surprise her with them.  (She reads the blog, you see.)

So here's to milestone birthdays.  And sisters who are best friends.  And hanging out.  And so on.  And so forth.



Maureen Wyatt said...

Have a wonderful time with the best friend you will ever have!

Peggy Lee said...

Such an adorable picture of you two as children! There is one year between my mother and my aunt as well. They have been through so much. I don't have a sister but I can see the closeness that's there through them.

Tanya Anurag said...

Have a good one! Birthday wishes for your sister!

Kim said...

Totally get it...I have two sisters and they are totally my best friends. Happy Birthday to her!

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