Crushing on Square Wainscot~

Last week I talked about my design crush on wallpaper. This week it's another type of wall treatment. Wainscot!

But not just any wainscot.  My design crush is on square wainscot.  Honestly, I've had a love affair with the stuff for several years, but it's still going strong in the design world, so today I wanted  to share a few of my favorite inspiration photos of this timeless look.


Craftsman Living Room by Erie Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Wilco Bos: Design + Remodels

There are other ways to create square wainscot, of course, but I prefer the clean and simple shaker look.  It's simply fabulous!




Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Love all of these! I'm really hoping our next house has white trim so I can add something like this!

The Little Red Shop said...


Julie M.

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