The Great Gray Debate~

I am in the middle of a debate with myself.

Here is my living room as it currently looks (well, not exactly because I change things up so often, but basically this is it...the furniture is the same at least. lol!)

I love the color of the slipcovers on my IKEA Ektorp sofas.  They are a lovely oatmeal/linen color and I adore them.  Here's the problem...this particular color only comes in a linen blend fabric.  And it has to be dry cleaned.  ( I tried washing one of the cushion covers, and trust really does need to be dry cleaned.)  I've had the covers cleaned once in the 2 years I've owned them.  And let's just say that I could have bought a new cover for the cost of cleaning them.

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So now that they are in desperate need of being cleaned again, I'm thinking that perhaps buying new covers isn't a bad idea.  But I know I don't want a pure white, since my family room is basically the only "living" space in our home and white would require a lot of upkeep.  So I'm considering buying the charcoal gray slipcovers.

I have a  board on Pinterest which I call "Neutralicious".  It's filled with photos of beautiful neutral-colored rooms.  I searched my board for rooms with charcoal sofas to see if I felt that they darkened up the space too much since I really want to keep it light and bright.  

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

I noticed that the other furniture in the rooms were light (as are mine) and that the walls in each space were light (as are mine).  So think it might work.  I really like these spaces.  And so I think I'm almost leaning towards trying out the gray.  How's that for being non-committal?  

What are your thoughts?



Seawashed said...
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GSGreatEscaper said...

Could you dye the ones you have? Then if it works, you are fine. If not, you buy new ones - as you are planning to do now.

Rhonda said...

Love the pictures you posted with the gray sofa and they are lovely! I think gray would be a good choice too, especially if you "live" in that room. I'm sure whatever you decide will look beautiful:)

Carrie Ann Eddleman said...

I actually think that the grey would look great in your room, it would really tie in with all of the accents you have in the art & rugs. It will also give the space more depth....I think they'll look fab. Love your space.

gstoney said...

I like the grey but if you want more options here are 2 web sites that sell IKEA slipcovers.

Daisy said...

Thanks for the post. Funny, I have the gray linen IKEA cover on my sectional and just bought the white cover because you can wash them.And the fact that I love the white to lighten up the room.I find that while I like the gray color, it does not work for me and my look I am after in the living room The gray has held up well but shows alot due to the dark color. We will see if I can keep the white cover, white! You are so right, the cost of dry cleaning is more than a new cover.I will look forward to your posts on how you like the darker color in your room.

K&B by the Sea said...

Charcoal grey is beautiful, and you could use so many other colours with it if you get the urge for some change. I say go for it!

Kelsey Boes said...

I slipcovered one of my couches in charcoal a year and a half ago, and I love it. It's really classy and modern, matches everything, and doesn't show dirt. I think charcoal would look lovely in living room, which looks gorgeous by the way :)

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