A Vignette in Pink: My Mini Home Office~

My mini home office is in my master bedroom.  The other morning I woke up and really "noticed" it.  As I was studying it, I was caught by the composition of the little space.  When I was putting the space together, I didn't intentionally go out and buy/find accessories for it.  Rather, I shopped the house and gathered things that I loved and that inspired me.

What I noticed, made me smile.  Without intentionally doing so, I had created a vignette that looked very well thought out and on purpose.  It kind of made me smile.  All these years of decorating and design, and I have internalized it to a point where I can literally create something without thinking too much about it.

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Notice the repetition of pink and gold.  It's sprinkled through all of the art  and even the accessories.

If you're interested, here are links to my tutorials on how to create the watercolor canvas, the linen covered pinboard and the gold birch wood monogram .

Desk from Home Decorators
Chair from Soft Surroundings
Calendar from Target

Have a great day~

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Anonymous said...

You've got a really cute home office! I have my workspace in my bedroom too. It's pretty much black and white, but I think I will add some pastels soon to brighten it up a bit :)

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