31 Days: All Things Home~

I'm very excited to be taking part in the 31 Day Challenge hosted by my friend, The Nester. Essentially, what the challenge boils down to is taking the time to post every. single. day during the month of October.

I decided that it would be good to really immerse myself in my blog again.  For a while now, I've felt that in order to post on the blog, I had to have a big reveal or a tutorial or something "grand".  I lost sight of the fact that I started this blog because I really love all things "house and home" and I love sharing those things with like-minded individuals.

So for the month of October, I'm going to be sharing 31 days of "All Things Home".  I'm hoping that during this month, I can simply share my passion for everything to do with the home...decor, projects, inspiration and ideas.

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For those of you who may be new to my blog, I just purchased a house which we affectionately call Hydeaway Cottage.  And I did it on my own! As a recently divorced mom of 4, buying my own house is a thrilling - yet slightly scary - phase in my life.  But I couldn't be happier!

Living in a new home is exciting and projects abound.  Photographing and writing about those projects is another story.  But during this month, I'm excited to bring back the pure joy of simply sharing the little day-to-day things that I used to share back in the early days of this blog (also known as the dark ages of blogging...pre-pinterest, pre-instagram, pre-twitter...Lol!)

I hope you'll all join me for what promises to be an exciting - and somewhat challenging - month as I share 31 Days of All Things Home with you!



Bluebirdbasketry said...

Looking forward to hearing about your new house :)


Anonymous said...

I'll be following along with you this month! Congrats on your new home!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, I"m your 31 Days linky 'neighbour', jsut thought I'd pop in and say hi! I love your topic, I can relate to purchasing a home solo, I'm 5 years down the track from you in that respect and have barely made a dent in my big pile of plans, lol!! Looking forward to following your journey this month :-) Alison

LLMom said...

I love having a new home to make mine. Have fun!

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