31 Days of All Things Home: I Love These New Sofas~

Welcome to day 19 of 31 Days of All Things Home!

Yesterday as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw something amazing.  (Okay, well, it was amazing to me anyway).  As they do every year at this time, IKEA has introduced a bunch of new products.  And this year, I'm absolute loving their new line of Stocksund sofas - like yesterday, this is not a paid post...just something I really want to share.

Check out this beauty..
Classic lines, tailored styling.  And of course, I love me some charcoal gray.  But it also comes in two other colors.

See more after the break...

Here is it in gray-beige.

And here in a classic beige.

There also chairs.  And even an ottoman and bench (not pictured).

They remind me of sofas currently available at PB and Ballard for a good deal more money.  That's a serious cha-ching if you ask me.

Just thought you might wanna know.


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