31 Days of All Things Home: My New House Half Bath Wallpaper Ideas~

Welcome to Day 6 of 31 Days of All Things Home.  Today I'm talking wallpaper...and specifically the three gray and white wallpaper beauties that I am trying to decide between for my half bath.

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The first wallpaper is Chenonceau by Schumacher.  I've been in love with this pattern (both the fabric and the wallpaper)  for years.  It's whimsical and classic all at the same time.

See my other options and vote for your favorite after the break...

The second choice is Leaf by Katie Ridder.  I think I've loved this paper for almost as long as I've loved Chenonceau.  It's got that whimsical feeling to it as well, and reminds me of fat little trees...in a good way.

My third and final option is Shantung Silhouette also from  Schumacher.  This pattern is one that I just discovered this year.  It's got a similar feel to Chenonceau  in both the colorway and the fact that the images are in silhouette.  Plus, I kind of like the Chinoiserie feel of this particular pattern, so it's a definite contender.

Okay, so just for fun...cast your vote for your favorite wallpaper in the comments.  I'm still up in the air, and I'd love a bit of input.

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Unknown said...

They are all timeless and having said that, I choose #3, because I feel it is the MOST timeless!!!

Unknown said...

#3, #1, #2. #3 with a faux bamboo mirror in gold would be perfect in a powder room.

ChefJulz said...

I love, love #1
#2 is very nice too but not for a bathroom, and #3 is classic but a bit too busy for a half bath
Love your blog!

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