Family Tradition: Thankful Tree~

Each November, we have a family tradition to help us get ready for Thanksgiving by remembering everything we're thankful for.  We make a Thankful Tree.  I started this tradition with the kiddos when they were quite little, and the photos I'm going to share with you today are from the first Thankful Tree that we made.

It's really simple to put together, is fun to display, and has meaning - which is an important part of creating traditions.

Read about how to make this fun tree after the break...

All I did to create the tree was gather some sticks from our yard and place them in a container.  I used rocks to keep mine balanced and upright, but floral foam would probably be a better idea. ;)

Then I cut leaves freehand out of autumn-hued card stock.  Of course, you can use a cutting machine if you have one...but I kind of like the homespun look of the freehand leaves.

I then gave a stack of leaves and a marker to each of the kiddos and had them write down things they are thankful thing per leaf.  When these photos were taken, my two youngest were too small to know how to write, so they dictated what they were thankful for, and I wrote it on the leaves for them.  (Although I like Spongebob as much as the next mom, that leaf was actually Boy 2's not mine.)

Then we punched a hole in each leaf and used a bit of twine to tie them onto the branches of the tree.

 I like to hold onto the leaves and look through them to remind myself not only of our blessings, but to see my cute kiddos'  handwriting change and to read through some of the adorable things they have been thankful for in the "snowy days to drink hot cocoa." :)


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Anonymous said...

Very cute idea to have a thankful tree.

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