Decorator's Clutter Busters~

Yesterday, I visited Studio 5 (a local talk show) to share some great ideas for Decorating to Organize.

Screen capture of my segment with Brooke Walker

I thought you might enjoy seeing the clip, so I'm sharing it here today.  It's got some pretty good ideas in it...if I do say so myself.

See the clip after the break...

You can find the clip at the link below.  Enjoy!!

Studio 5 - Decorator's Clutter Busters




Linda said...

Wow that was great ! Thanks! Now I can put a face to a name.
You are a celebrity!

Laura J said...

Wow Wendy -- your feature was impressive. You seemed so effortlessly comfortable in front of the camera -- what's your secret??

Tamara @ Provident Home Design said...

That was fun to watch! You did a fabulous job, Wendy!!:-)

Unknown said...

You are darling Wendy and so poised in front of the camera. Your book looks beautiful too! Thanks for sharing.

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