Master Bedroom Spruce-Up~

This post is sponsored by Crane & Canopy.

I felt like it was about time that I dedicate a little bit of energy to making my master bedroom a prettier place to be.  Rather than tackling rooms from start to finish, I've kind of been working on them piecemeal ever since we moved into Hydeaway Cottage.  

And although there are still a few things on my list of to-do's in the master bedroom, at least I can cross some off.

You may recall, if you saw my Christmas House Tour, that my master bedroom looked like this...


It was pretty...and I liked it.  But after I removed the Christmas red tartan, and took down the winter horse print, the room lacked color.

But here it is today...


And there you have it.  Pop!  Bam!  - color in the master bedroom!  

I was approached a few months back to see if I'd be willing to try out a duvet cover from Crane & Canopy.  I had actually had my eye on this blue duvet, the Noe duvet, for a while.  So I jumped at the chance.  It also comes in a pretty gray, and I'll be honest, I did consider the gray, but I really wanted to bring some color into the room, and so I chose the blue.

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I love the luxurious feel of the duvet and shams.  They are 350 thread count, extra-long staple Egyptian cotton with a soft and silky hand.  I am also in love with the pretty piping detail which makes the duvet very tailored and custom-looking.  My nine-year-old came in the room shortly after I had put the duvet on the bed, and announced that now my room looks "fancy".  ;-)  That's pretty high praise coming from a nine-year-old boy.

My sister had given me this pretty print (sitting on my night stand) of one of her paintings as a housewarming gift when she came to visit for my book launch party back in October.  I used it as my inspiration for the room.

For now, the sunburst mirror which I had over my bed in our previous house, has taken it's place there again...that is until I add the full wall wainscot that I have in the works (coming soon!)

Gray is my favorite color, so I kept a touch of it in the Euros and repeated it in the cute Greek key pillows.

These bubble glass lamps have been a favorite of mine ever since I purchased them from an interior design showroom where I was working a few years ago.  They're large and elegant and add a lot of drama to a space without over-powering it.

The other side of the room is still a work in progress, but at least my bed is all dressed for spring (whenever it decides to arrive!)

I'll follow up with a post detailing all the sources for furniture and other bedding in a couple of days, so watch for that.   And make sure you check out Crane & Canopy for pretty and unique bedding without department store mark-ups.


I received the duvet cover and matching shams from Crane & Canopy in exchange for this post.  The opinions expressed about them are 100% mine.  I do not endorse any items on this blog which I do not use and love.


Unknown said...

Very pretty. I can't wait to see the wall.

Unknown said...

Hi Wendy, I've actually had that same duvet for a while now. I have a duvet insert in mine and have been using it as a comforter on our pillow top mattress. Although I love it, I've found that it doesn't quite come all the way down the sides of the mattress to the top of the box spring, so the blankets show above the bed skirt. It's also usually too warm to keep it pulled up at night, but when we fold it down to the bottom of the mattress, it's so heavy it always falls on the floor.

It looks like you are using the cover without an insert on top of the white quilt, is that right? I never would have thought of doing that, but I think that would take care of both my problems. Thanks for the idea!

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