My Word of The Year Lights Up Our Family Room (Literally)~

A couple of months ago, I was asked my good friend Tauni to participate in the One Word Challenge on her SNAP Creativity blog.  I have been choosing a word of the year for the past few years, and I was excited to be able to participate in her series and to share my word of the year there.

In case you missed it, my word for 2015 is 

You can read why I chose the word "Dream" here.

As a gift for participating in the challenge, I received my word spelled out in some adorable Marquee Love letters designed by Heidi Swap for American Crafts.  And I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

I've had the idea of using marquee letters in our basement family room in mind ever since we moved into Hydeaway Cottage, and having them spell out my word of the year was even better.  They are going to be the foundation of what I eventually plan to be a gallery wall, but for now they look adorable all by themselves.

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The letters can be customized using paint or scrapbook paper or whatever your heart desires.  Thing is, I loved them white, so I left them just the way they were.  

The family room is off to a good start! 


Sofa:  Ektorp from IKEA
Curtains:  IKEA (discontinued)
Navy and White pillows:  IKEA
Tan and White pillows:  Birch Lane
Tan and White pouf:  Target
Popcorn Boxes:  Target

Have a great day!


I was given the Heidi Swap marquee letters free of charge. I was also given the Birch Lane pillows free of charge.  The opinions expressed about them are 100% mine.



Janice said...

How did you get the lights in the letters? I want to create a sign for our deck with lights (was thinking of using a strand of white Christmas lights to accent the letters of the word). I was thinking of drilling holes big enough to push the lights from the back but I am not sure of what type of material to use, wood, plastic, vinyl or what. Do you have any ideas?

I love how your Word of the Year accents your room!

By the way, I recently came across your comment on my blog(lost in "waiting for release" asking if I still had the fan I wrote about. I am sorry to say, we tossed it after trying to find parts for it unsuccessfully.


Jan said...

I can't wait to see the gallery wall you build around the letters, Wendy. "Dream" is a good word. Janice, I found these letters online at Michael's, designed by Heidi Swap (hope I got the name right). They are 8" tall and the lights are already in them! How cool is that? Do a search for Marquee Love letters.

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