Open Shelving Saves The Day!~

I thought it would be fun to share a project from several years ago.

"But this is an interior design blog,"  you're thinking.  "Shouldn't you be showing us more up-to-date ideas?"   Okay, that's a degree.  The idea I want to share is perfect for anyone who moves into a house that needs a bit of updating.  (Please forgive the small photos....they are from my early blogging days, and I couldn't make them any larger without losing clarity.)

Awesome Open Shelving!

This is the kitchen from my first house back when I lived in Massachusetts.  And this is how it looked when we purchased the house - more or less. Boring oak cabinets. And no pizzazz.  In this photo we had already replaced the vinyl flooring with tile, and painted the walls Cathedral Gray by Ralph Lauren - they were dark red before. But we hadn't done much else. (except, apparently, leaving a mess on the counter...ahem.)  Please notice the ugly floating cabinet to the left of the window.  Why in the world do builders do this?  The cabinet looks sooo out of place all by its lonesome.

Here is the kitchen after (please remember this is circa 2008)! We painted out all of the cabinets in Ralph Lauren's Nantucket White. We replaced the outdated brass hardware with new black hardware (Of course if I were re-doing this kitchen today, I may have just kept that brass hardware - Lol!). We also replaced the range hood with a new black version. (We had purchased the oven and refrigerator for our previous rental home and brought them with us.)

Then we removed that ugly "floating" cabinet to the left of the window and replaced it with fabulous open shelves. So. much. better.

Read all about the open shelving after the break...

I placed my everyday dishes on the shelves along with some of my other white pieces to create styling that was both decorative and functional.  It made the kitchen so much more custom for such a small investment.  It's a perfect idea for anyone that has one of those silly floating cabinets.  Am I right or am I right?

Have a great day!



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Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living said...

I have one of those ugly random cabinets. I love how you styled it. I am so hesitant to remove mine as I have limited storage space as is, lol.

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