Inexpensive DIY Wall Art~

9:53 PM
I have been loving all of the framed rock/geode/crystal art that is popular right now.

Trouble is, it's pretty pricey.

Lucky for me, I have an 8-year-old who is obsessed with collecting rocks.  At first, I was a little bit annoyed that rocks were taking over the bedroom he shares with his 9-year-old brother.
But once I really started looking at them,
I've been down-right impressed with some of the rocks he's come home with.
Which gave me an idea.
A true light bulb moment.

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I could create some much-needed art for the little boys' room using a few specimens from my youngest's rock collection.

I chose a few of his prettiest rocks.  The rest was so easy...
I went to Michael's craft and purchased three shadowbox frames which happened to be 50% off!

(And totally off the had been a very long time since I'd been in a craft store, and I had forgotten  how much I love spending time there.  I was in my element. And it was so much fun!  And did I mention that the frames were on sale?)

Then I just used hot glue to attach the rocks to a backing paper,  matted them, and framed them up.

Simple as pie!  And they fit perfectly on this awkward little wall in the boys' room.
They're so cute!

Have a great day!




Kizzy said...

I too have a rock collecting son and he'd love these on his wall. Thanks for the great idea.

Lynda Brandly said...

What a great idea! And I bet your little guy loved it!
Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea! Agate coasters would look really cool framed too! Thanks for the great idea!

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