Thought For a Thursday~

It's all about your attitude...

The same boiling water that softens a potato, hardens an egg.

It's about what you're made of.  Not the circumstances.


We choose our path in life by our reactions to the events that are thrown our way.  It's not always easy to choose to be happy.  But it can be done.  Choose joy.




Unknown said...

I love that saying. Thank you. Just what i needed today. I haven't seen you for ages at the blog, btw. Hope you come one of these days for a visit. ~ Rose,

mjmaterazo said...

i love this!
i know this too well!
but it's nice to be reminded every once in awhile.
thank you.
have a great thursday!
xo- maryjo

Jam Jar Gill (from said...

Not one I've heard before but I really like it - nice and thought provoking :)


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