Thin For You Thursday - Positive Self Talk

Welcome to this week's Thin For You Thursday!

Holly and I were talking about what to do for this week's post and she had the idea of talking about Daily Positive Affirmations.  I couldn't agree more!

Negative self talk is one of the biggest ways that we sabotage our own success.  And I admit that I am extremely guilty of this.  Not long ago I decided to make mental note of how often I found myself thinking negative thoughts about myself.  Thoughts about how I wasn't good enough, or skinny enough or pretty enough or anything else along those lines.

I was saddened to note that my self talk was predominantly negative.  Oh, I would sneak a positive thought in there occasionally, but the negative thoughts happened much more often.  I feel like our society predisposes us to be hard on ourselves.  We are constantly comparing ourselves to the perfect and shiny social media versions of others.  We are bombarded day after day with photo-shopped versions of beauty.  And although logically we know that the things we see in the media are not really the way they are in life, our minds see them so often that it is hard for us to believe our own logic. 

This is especially true when we are on a weight loss journey.  With the hyper-thin culture that greets us daily from any glowing screen or magazine, it is sometimes very difficult to see ourselves as the beautiful human beings that we are if we have any excess weight at all.  And when you have 30 or so pounds to lose like I do, it is even more difficult.  But you know what?  We are beautiful! Really, we are!  Our weight isn't what defines our beauty.  Neither is our wardrobe, our home, our car, or anything else.  Our beauty is inherent in who we are.  And we need to learn to embrace that.

In order to be successful on our journey in this life, we need to learn to love ourselves!

This week's challenge:
So this week, we encourage everyone reading this post, to practice POSITIVE SELF TALK!
Take a minute to look in the mirror daily and give yourself a Positive Affirmation. 
Make it real.  Pick one of your features that you love and tell yourself that you love it!  Choose one of your personality characteristics that you are happy with and tell yourself that!
We all have so much good in us, and so  many things about our lives to be grateful for.
Find them and share them WITH YOURSELF!

Next week, we'll check in and see how everyone did on this challenge.  People have been pretty quiet in the comments section since we started this weekly feature, but we'd really like to hear from you, so make sure and leave a comment telling us how your weight loss journey is going!

Have a great (and positive) week!

Wendy and 


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