Simple Joys - The Gingerbread House~

Welcome Lovelies!

Last week I posted about my goal to simplify the holiday season for my family and myself. The Christmas season can become such a crazy race where shopping and parties become the focus, and I really want to slow it down and make it purposeful for my family.

What does a gingerbread house have to do with a simple, purposeful holiday? Well...

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Here is the Christmas To-Do List that I shared in my last post. And the things that made this list are mostly our family traditions.  Traditions are such an important part of family life.  They are one of the things that really create a "family culture" and shape childhood memories.

One of our traditions for the past several Christmases has been making gingerbread houses.  And true to keeping with my philosophy of simplifying the holiday, I do not make them from scratch.  I buy a kit.  Yes I do!  

And honestly, have you ever tried getting one of these houses to stand up using the frosting as glue?  It's so hard!! Since we don't actually eat our gingerbread house, I hot glue it together!  Yep!  Hot glue.  (It works wonders, I tell ya!)  But if you decide to use that trick...make sure that your houses wont be eaten by anyone.  :)

I helped with the frosting, but the kids did all the decorating themselves.  And they were pretty darn proud of the result!  I think it's adorable!

I'm going to document a few of our other Simply Holiday Joys in the upcoming week as we get closer to Christmas.

I hope that you all are enjoying the Simple Joys of the holiday with your loved ones too!



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