Thin For You Thursday - A Progress Update~

Hello Lovelies!

I haven't posted a Thin For You Thursday post in quite a while.  So I wanted to check in with you all.  I'll be honest.  These posts are difficult for me to write.  Not because I haven't made any progress...but mostly because weight is a difficult subject for me.

It's scary to put these things out there.   But I'm truly hoping that in doing so, I might give someone somewhere a little bit of inspiration in their own battle.  Whether it be weight loss or something else that they are trying to overcome.

We can do it!!

See my latest before/after after the break...

So here is my latest  before/after.  I'm not sure of the exact weight difference between these two photos but I do know that it's at least 10 lbs. :)

I don't want to paint a perfectly rosy picture because honestly the holidays are especially hard.  I have been going up and down with my weight since Thanksgiving.  But my feeling is, as long as I maintain what I have lost through Christmas, I can start trying to lose some more weight come January.  

So my goal for the next couple of weeks is MODERATION and MAINTENANCE.  
No overindulgence....but no undue pressure to lose weight during a time when so many celebrations are taking place.

Good luck to all of you on whatever challenges you are facing.  Just remember...working on challenges bit by bit makes them easier.  And working to overcome them makes us stronger.



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