House Projects - On a Budget~

When I moved into my house last year, I made a list of all the projects I wanted to tackle.  And there were a lot of them.  And even though a year and a half has passed in the interim, I would be lying if I said that I had accomplished even a quarter of the items on my list.

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My to-do/wish list includes things like adding hardwood floors, a built-in desk, paneling and a fireplace - none of which are inexpensive, so I have to be a bit more realistic.

And you know what?  That's okay.  There are many ways to make a home beautiful without spending a lot of money.  

With my renewed purpose here on the blog  - Making Life Beautiful on a Budget - I aim to share how realistic it is to create beauty without having to install all new flooring  etc.  In the next month, I plan on giving our powder bath a face lift,  It won't be anything dramatic, but you might be surprised at what paint and accessories can really do for a space when they are well-thought out.

One of the projects I've actually accomplished...adding wainscot to my living room. 

And when I say that I will show you how you can make changes inexpensively, I really mean it.  I am on a tight budget...I mean tight.  That doesn't mean I don't ever spend just means that the money I do spend needs to be well spent.  It needs to produce a lot of bang for the buck!  I can't wait to share my tips for producing a big wow factor without putting a big dent in the old bank account.

I'm so excited about sharing all of this with you, because I feel like it will be real and valuable information for anyone who wants to create a beautiful home (and isn't that all of us?) but who doesn't have unlimited amounts of cash to do so (and isn't that all of us too?)



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Bettye said...

I agree that we are all trying to have beautiful homes on a budget! That is why I enjoy blogs like yours that show us we don't have to have a big budget to have a warm and beautiful home.

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