The Master Designer Manifesto~

It's interesting what has happened since I decided to follow my heart and blog about "Honest Decorating".  I've been so inspired in so many ways. 

For example, yesterday I ran across this design manifesto on the lovely blog Fieldstone Hill and it resonated so strongly with me, that I wanted to share it with you today.

Image via Fieldstone Hill
This Master Designer Manifesto beautifully defines how I feel about design.  I feel that design is my calling.  I believe that bringing beauty to a space is a gift that I have been blessed to share with the world.  I do love beautiful things but they are not what is truly important to me.  Sharing my love of design is my passion and if I can make anyone's world a better place though design, that is important to me.

A few years back I wrote a post about my obsessive need to redecorate. I discussed the fact that design and decorating  nourish my soul.  I truly feel that we are each given gifts in this life.  For me, I  believe that my love of design and decorating is a part of my personality that is intrinsic to who I am... and I am intensely thankful for it.

I am also thankful for the chance I have to come here and share something which means so much to  me.  And I am grateful that you all come here and share in it with me!



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