How To Create A Pretty Bed On The Cheap: Part II~

When I shared how to create a pretty bed on the cheap a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my favorite inexpensive sheets.  The pattern I shared in that post was a petite black and white floral.  But I mentioned that the sheets also come in a pretty gray and white pattern.  So today, I wanted to share the bed made with the gray and white sheets.

These sheets give the bed a more subtle and sophisticated feel than the black and white ones...although I like both pairs very much.  It's fun to have more than one pattern so that I can mix up the look when I feel like it.

You may not believe it when I tell you that I found these sheets at Walmart.  They are microfiber and they don't ever need ironing.  They come out of the dryer without wrinkles (I love that!)  They are crazy soft and sooo inexpensive.  This post is not sponsored...I just have to share a great deal when I find it!

For a complete list of sources, make sure and visit my previous post on creating a pretty bed 
on the cheap.

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