Making Our Homes Our Sanctuaries: Kids' Art~

As I have been sharing ways to make our homes our sanctuaries, I have talked numerous times about my belief that our homes should be meaningful.  One of the most personal and meaningful additions to any home is the art that is chosen to adorn its walls.

Fostering creativity in my children is incredibly important to me.  
And honoring their creativity is just as important.   So when I am choosing art for my home, I always make it a point to find a way to display my children's artwork.

In my previous home, I made a formal gallery wall featuring a few of my favorite pieces.

Currently, I'm displaying some of the kids' favorite pieces of their work on the bulletin board in the kitchen.

Making a place to display your family's artistic endeavors within the walls of your home is a wonderful way to cultivate creativity, to show your family you are proud of them, and to help in the creation of your home-sanctuary.

I'd love to know how you incorporate your family's art into your decor.  Feel free to share in the comments.



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Parsimonious Perfection said...

Love this, how sweet!

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