Kitchen Cabinet Painting: To DIY or Not To DIY~

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to follow up on my kitchen redo by talking about painting kitchen cabinets.

My current kitchen with painted cabinets.

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I have painted my kitchen cabinets before.  A couple of times, actually.  The photo above is from our home in Massachusetts, taken back in 2008 (or thereabouts).  The cabinets started out as golden oak.  We painted them a combination of the cream seen here and black. 

It was not difficult, but it was tedious.  And if you want the job to look professional,  you definitely want to take your time doing it, and do it right.   There are plenty of tutorials online for how to paint cabinets, so I'm not going to delve into that here.  

I've been happy with my cabinets both times I have painted them myself.  But both sets of cabinets were old, and I felt like anything I did to them would improve them.  Ha ha!

This time around was different.  These cabinets are only a couple of years old.  They were actually beautiful cabinets.  They just weren't the look that I wanted.  So rather than trust myself to paint them, I decided to hire a professional.

He did an amazing job.

And here are the three main reasons that I definitely recommend hiring a professional over DIY-painting cabinets:

1.  First, the obvious...I didn't have to do any of the tedious stuff. 
No taping, cleaning cabinets, removing finishes, removing doors, numbering door, removing hardware or anything else.

2.  My cabinets have a flawlessly smooth, lacquered finish.

3.  The paint was color-matched to match my already painted island perfectly. (I know the color match part is very specific to my kitchen, but professional grade paint is a big plus in my book!)

Of course, having the cabinets painted was more expensive than doing them myself.  But in the end, it was definitely a worthwhile expense.

I hired a great painter by the name of David Danielson.  If you live in Utah and you're looking to have your cabinets painted, I would highly recommend him.  (Just send me an email, and I'll give you  his contact info!)

 So in love with these cabinets!

I received a discount  in exchange for posting about this painting service, but the opinions expressed are 100% mine.



Unknown said...

I painted my oak kitchen cabinets a few years ago and I loved the way they turned out. I will say I will NEVER do that again because it was so tedious and the weather did not cooperate and it took me forever! It will be worth it to me as it was to you to have them professionally painted the next time. Anyone that has never painted cabinets before would not believe how much work it is. I am still enjoying them but they are starting to get a few little places on them where the paint is coming off from being bumped. Thank you for sharing this post. The kitchen is lovely!

Laura Everyday Edits said...

Does "your guy" know anyone in the Denver area? Looks beautiful!

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